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TECACENTRE as you may know is a community organisation which runs on very little or no profit. It is run by the community for the community.


We are a personal partnership who out of the goodness of our hearts offer this site as an online community centre. JUST like the character BRUCE WAYNE in BATMAN who is a Philanthropist, but no were near as rich, offer this as our way of giving something back by way of Philanthropy to the community in OUR OWN PERSONAL Philanthropic efforts.

Philanthropy is the act of donating money, goods, time, or effort to support a charitable cause, usually over an extended period. See full meaning at the link below
wikipedia.org defines Philanthropy
We DO NOT REQUEST DONATIONS... We ONLY request you purchase what you want, so we may be able to continue to help out those who need our help as listed here on.

We follow a similar theory to Google, access and fun for all or at least as many people as possible whilst helping to bring peace to as many people as possible. We offer information relating to tools, solutions, internet, Tenancy, Employment, Community, Association and most of all peace through fun... We are expanding further in 2009 and as such we are looking for a major sponsor Calling GOOGLE, YAHOO, MICROSOFT so we can put out our great new additional content we have for YOU. To keep our service running we rely on sponsorship from the public and large organisations.

We wish to thank you for your past efforts in helping us donate to the charities listed tecacentre.net needs your help please support our community work which supports your community.

Making SECURE purchases of items from tecacentre.net allows us to forward a percent on to various charities.

Your generosity is appreciated by us and these community services...

Our recent community donations include Marter childrens charities, Variety Club, PCYC, Lifesavers, Bush fire Brigade, The animal welfare league and more.

OUR AIM for Philanthropic efforts in
To add the following:

  • Fred Hollows foundation
  • Make a wish foundation
  • Guide dogs
  • Cancer fund

TECA may soon be moving after two years we out grew our hosts needing more space
We know you love us so we will try to only be gone a few hours in the move.


CHECK IT OUT CLICK BELOW. This is also the new code for linking to us.

Bart simpson welcomes you to teca


A copy of this page is available in other languages below or once you click our Teca translator on the left activate your language choice, many of our pages are translated for you.

German Page Translation Spanish Page Translation French Page Translation Italian Page Translation Portugese Page Translation Japanese Page Translation Korean Page Translation Chinese Page Translation Arabic Page Translation

Your feedback and ideas are of value to us so please tell us what you want to see right here on your pages and we will do our best to try to accommodate your request. Currently we are hard at work trying to keep you up to date on current events and items to save you money such as fuel saving hints, the upcoming census, government and council issues and more. As new items are being posted or created each day PLEASE CHECK REGULARLY BACK WITH US FOR MORE GREAT INFO:

We are offering this space free to anyone in the world to use in hope that we can help bring some peace into the world a community, a tenant, an employment situation. Join up and have your say IN THE TECA NEWS AREA where you can suggest, discuss, discover or help out with almost anything. We believe it is better to talk or discuss about the situation rather than striking out and causing more damage than good please use our bulletin board to have your say googledm8.tecacentre.net

Check out our Our privacy policy & Terms
Check out our Society Resources SECTION!!!! Teca Society Resources
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Join our canon club get LASER and Inkjet refills and cartridges information tips and tricks below:
TECA Canon Club printer maintenance inkjet info

Just need a break play a game with us or check out some of our fun stuff below.

Configure Your Mouse

Just think of us as a helping hand to spread your message or giving hope and help to your situation. If you are tired of running round wasting your hard earned money like we were trying to find this that or the other about a community event or social issues, employment situations, or even tenancy information you need to come here and find your info easier.

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About www.tecacentre.net

A few reasons you should use this site.

  • 1. If you care about what happens in your community or workplace or to your tenancy friends.
  • 2. Rather than having employees steal from your company because you are neglecting them or create disharmony in your workplace.
  • 3. Or having a tenant strike back and cause malicious damage due to the fact the agent is not doing their job as so happens in many a case.
  • 4. Have your say about those hoons that drag race any time of the day or night on the roads in your community.
  • 5. Are you tired of walking through broken glass have your say?
  • 6. Are you sick of your council not living up to expectations?
  • 7. Notify your community about your school fete, achievements, special events.
  • 8. Got fundraisers, or problems on the roads in your community.
  • 9. Want more people to know about bingo night or the church stall.
  • 10. Or anything that is tenant or work related we are the place for you.

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Grab this code for your site. </a> </span> <br /> <br /> <b>SAVE SOMEONE YOU MAY KNOW TODAY!!!</b></p> <br /> <a href="http://www.tecacentre.net/wpress"> Have your say. </a> </div>

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